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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yuri and Gigi play hair salon!

I knew this day would come.  I HOPED it wouldn't, but deep down I knew it would.  Having already gone through this age with two girls, I KNEW it would happen.  Yuri and Gigi played hair salon.  With. The. Real. Scissors. 

They were supposed to be taking a nap, but I kept hearing giggles.  Like not typical giggles... weird giggles.  I went in to check on this and this is what I found...

I got pretty hysterical, but Karlie (bless her heart!) was nearly beside herself.  If you know her, you know that little things going wrong tend to set her off.  The thought of her baby sisters with military-style haircuts could be considered one of those things.  She actually had me laughing, so Yuri and Gigi caught a break! 

For the first half hour, Yuri and Gigi blamed each other.  Nobody would accept any responsibility at all.  Then, Gigi came upstairs, looked in the mirror and said "Ms. Hopey is a good haircutter.  Yuri is not a good haircutter".  I knew then that Yuri was the guilty party (which, I must admit, surprised me greatly).  I came down to Yuri's room and said "Look at me in the eyes.  Did you cut Gigi's hair?".  She didn't answered, but she dropped her head and wouldn't look at me.  That was close enough to an admission for me to convict! 

Compared to the number Haley Rae did on her hair when she was 3, this wasn't just terrible.  When Yuri cut Gigi's, she must've been going for the Posh Spice look.  It actually turned out pretty stylish!  Hope told her to tuck one side and swing the other, so she's been walking around the house tonight saying "tuck... swing... tuck... swing" 

Here's her finished look:

 It is apparently harder to cut your OWN hair than someone else's because Yuri struggled with her own 'do.  She chopped layers ALL OVER HER HEAD.  We didn't have a choice but to stack it up, and it STILL has short layers that stick up.  She wasn't happy about any part of the situation, and hopefully it'll make her THINK next time before she gets crazy with the scissors. 

The funny thing is that I didn't recognize the scissors.  When I was telling Momar about it, she told me that she had been missing a pair of scissors since she wrapped presents on Christmas Eve... right before WE ARRIVED to open gifts.  The best we can figure out, the girls smuggled the scissors home with their gifts and were waiting for the perfect opportunity to play hair salon.

It all turned out fine.  Nobody got scalped and they still look like little girls.  And since Willard loves short hair, he's happy as a clam. 

You know I can't stay mad at them anyway.  Look at these faces.  If they're not sweet, I don't know what is!!!

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