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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Gilgal Girls!

You may have seen several ladies in the community walking around in hot pink t-shirts with "The Gilgal Girls" emblazoned across the front.  My Sunday School class (lead by Susan Hensley) finished a Beth Moore bible study back during the summer.  One thing that stuck out for us was when she mentioned the word "Gilgal".  The literal meaning of the word is "circle of stones".  We got to discussing it, one thing lead to another, and we ultimately started referring to ourselves as "The Gilgal Girls". 

It makes sense, really.  Stone is just another word for rock, and we truly are like a circle of rocks for each other.  When I was going through period of panic and heartbreak over the possibility of losing Yuri and Gigi, these were the women who listened and prayed and encouraged me.  They kept reminding me that God was in control, even when I tried my darnest to take matters into my own hands.  And when I was having a hard time with the idea of Hunter spending his summer as a missionary in Serbia, they reassured me that he would be fine.  Anytime someone in the class needs prayer, or if something happens in the community that we feel is important, we send out a mass text that always starts "Hey Gilgals...".  When we see those words, we know that a fellow Gilgal needs us. 

If you're reading this and you don't have a church family, come join us at Danville Baptist.  Sunday school starts at 9 a.m. and preaching at 10:15.  You too can be a Gilgal Girl!!! 

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