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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ReNewed Joy

I get so tired of trying to shop for my little ones.  I want them to look like little girls, not trendy teens, so I was THRILLED when I found ReNewed Joy… that’s the name of the company my friend Ahbra has launched.  She sews children’s clothing out of vintage material and IT IS AWESOME. Not only can they be custom-made (you pick the style, the combination of materials, etc) but they're also VERY reasonable.   And by VERY, I mean typically half of what other companies are charging for dresses nowhere near this cute. 

Apparently before I met Ahbra, she had a children’s clothing business.  They made the decision to sell that business to help fund the adoption of their 4th child (they already had 3 biological children).  Then the housing market pretty much crashed, which was troubling since Ahbra’s husband is a mortgage lender/realtor.  Oh, then they adopted another baby… Are you starting to see why I love her so much!??! Anyway, Ahbra’s husband told her that they really needed a second income, so she decided to drag out the old vintage material that she had hoarded collected, and start making dresses for little girls.  It wasn’t like Ahbra was sitting around bored and wishing she had MORE to do.  She took on this little adventure more out of need than out of want.  She actually considered calling it “Desperate Measures”, but decided that was a little too depressing.  Things are turning around for them, and I just know that God is going to bless this business.  I know this because SURELY it makes God happier to see our little girls dressed in pastel florals, and not like miniature Lindsay Lohans.   

Check out some of her creations. 

LOVE the colors in this one!
Bubble suits... BUBBLE SUITS!! YES!

Baby A has one in this style and it's adorable on her.

Are you in LOVE???

I'm throwing in a picture of my girls modeling their dresses for an extra dose of cuteness.  

I had to put in the whole link.  When I tried to shortcut it, it took me to a page that...ummm...let's just say will NOT bring you Joy.  Trust me.

Or shop on her Etsy page:
When you order, because I KNOW you will, be sure to tell Ahbra that I sent you!

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