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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sock Drama - Don't Fall For It!!

There comes a time in your life when you realize that you can’t worry about everything.  Some things just aren’t important enough to warrant causing you stress. You know what they say– Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Pick your battles.  Etc, etc. 
A perfect example of this… matching socks.

Several years ago I found myself actually throwing socks away because I couldn’t find the match.  I thought to myself… There HAS to be a better way.  My first idea was to invent disposable socks.  I was thinking you could just wear them, and then step in the shower at night at they’d dissolve right down the drain.  Then I realized that some people have really sweaty feet and it would be bad if your socks dissolved in your shoe, so I went on to idea #2.    

Idea #2 - Just don’t wear watching socks.  Where in the Manual of Life does it say that you have to match them?  What’s the big deal… nobody sees them.  Who cares if one is lime green and the other is purple.  Now, I realize I’ve already lost a few of my OCD readers.  And being married to someone with OCD, I can tell you that HIS socks do match.  But contrary to what you may think, my children don’t seem the least bit traumatized by this.  The only little bump in the road was the first time they came home with a note announcing “Crazy Sock Day”.  Uh oh.  I did what any good mother would do…. I ran out and bought MATCHING socks.  I know…the craziness is out of control. 
Stop and think about it.  Would throwing out the whole Oh-My-Gosh-Where-Is-The-Match-To-This-Sock scenario simplify your life??  If so, I urge you to consider my way of thinking.  You can do this.  Be strong.  Don't let socks control your life any longer.  Be the first in your circle of friends to declare independence from sock drama.  
I'm here if you need me. 

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