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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm a hog

I don’t often remember what I’ve dreamed about, but when I do, I always wonder what it means.  When I dream about food (mashed potatoes visit me often during slumber), I wonder if I went to bed hungry.  My luck, I gain weight in my sleep just from dreaming about food. 
Willard seldom mentions his dreams to me, but he had a doozy this week.  Let me back up and tell you that I remember waking up during the night Wednesday night to him hugging up to me and saying something about me dying.  Dying?  Geez.  I remember it, but I was asleep so I didn’t quiz him until the next morning. 
ME:        Did you dream I died?
HIM:      You didn’t just die, I killed you.
ME:        Well, that wasn’t nice.
HIM:       Sorry, baby.  I didn’t have a choice.  You were turning into a rabid, wild hog.    
ME:        (mean look)
HIM:       Don’t look at me.  You were the hog.  You even had a snout and everything. 

So, now I gotta wonder what HIS dreams mean.  I know I’ve gained weight lately, but dang…

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