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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gigi...*shaking my head*

Gigi goes to speech therapy two times a week to help with a few sounds she has trouble with.  She takes this very seriously and we do “homework” all week so she can practice her sounds.  Last week, she had a list of words to practice and use in a sentence. 

ME:                        Can you use the word COLOR in a sentence?

GIGI:                     What’s a sentence?

ME:                        Like, “My favorite color is green”. Now use the word BUCKET in a sentence.

GIGI:                     Okay.  Some people buy some BUCKETS and they put ‘em upside down and they hide balls under them and try to let people guess which BUCKET the ball is under, and sometimes they try to trick you and you don’t know which BUCKET the ball is under and…

She obviously struggles with the whole sentence concept, and confuses “sentence” with “short story”.   

ME:                        Okay, good job.  Now use COAT in a sentence.

GIGI:                     Sometimes my mama lets me drink COAT when I’m sweaty. 

Haha.  And as she says this, I glance over to see Yuri rolling her eyes.  Oh well, close enough.

ME:                        Alright.  Now use CORN in a sentence.

GIGI:                     Rain makes CORN.  CORN makes whiskey. 

………………………………… The end. 


  1. Whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky. LOLOL. This was truly a laugh out loud moment for me. Just wait until I show my daughter when she gets off work.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Rhonda. There are SO many moments like this in my life these days. I try to blog about some of them but I could never capture them all!