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Thursday, March 8, 2012

First love

I am so bummed.  I made the cutest video of Yuri, but I can’t get it to upload.  Blah.  I’ll do my best to tell the story but I really wish you could see the video.

Yuri’s boyfriend is a cutie named Bryce.  When she got in the car after school yesterday, she had an invitation to his birthday party.  When Karlie read the invitation to me, I said “Oh no, that’s the weekend I’ll be in Bristol.   Yuri and Gigi will be at the lake so she won’t get to go to the party”.  From the backseat, we hear almost an animal-like moan which we ultimately discovered was coming from Yuri. 

Yuri:   “Bryceeeeee!  I’m so sorrrryyyyyy.  I crossed my heart I would be there.  I’m so sorrrrryyyyyy….” 

Huge crocodile tears.  Huge.  Sobbing.  Inconsolable.  (You know she’s 5, right?) 


She goes to her room and throws herself across her bed, staring forlornly at the invitation and then clutching it to her heart.  This is where the video starts:

ME:                 Yuri, I know you’re sad.  We will try to work something out, ok?”

YURI:              Ok.  I want to go.  Bryce is my boyfriend.  He’s my HUSBAND. 

ME:                 Oh. Wow. Well, what makes Bryce so special?

YURI:              His hair.  And his smile.  I like his eyes.  And the way he talks…. *sigh*

It’s obvious to me that missing this party would be a traumatic experience that could potentially alter the path of her life.  I’ve got a plan in place and hopefully we can work it out.  I would hate to think I was responsible for keeping these little soulmates apart.  Did I mention she’s FIVE??? 

On a happier note, Gigi has been going to speech for a couple of weeks now and she has mastered her first assignment.  She was having problems with the “K” sound… so “okay” sounded like “otay”, “keys” sounded like “tees”, etc.  She’s been working hard on the “cuh” sound and, by golly, she got it!

P.S. Say a prayer for me.  I think I have the stomach virus that has been going around, which I don’t have time for.  We have speech at 10:00, Baby A’s pictures at 1:00, I have to cook food for a funeral by 4:00, and we have t-ball practice at 5:00.  (Haley’s game got canceled or I’d have one more thing to add to the list).  Karlie is in a pageant tomorrow night and Haley has a softball tournament (far away) on Friday night and Saturday.  NOT a good weekend to be sick. 

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