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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just call me Switzerland...

There’s some cute kid contest going on that MANY, MANY of my FB friends are participating in. You’re supposed to go to the picture of the child and click “like”. Apparently the child with the most “likes” wins? When I got the first request, I thought “awww…cute” and intended to go like the picture. Then I started seeing more and more and more posts from parents and grandparents asking you to like their child’s picture. They’re ALL adorable and I wish they all could win, but I’ve decided to straddle the fence and not vote for anybody. I considered voting for EVERYBODY, but what if I missed one on accident? These kids come from all walks of life. If I ticked off their parents, it could seriously jeopardize my community standing. There are teachers, nurses, church friends, relatives, lawnmower customers… too much risk involved. I just can’t take the pressure. One child is even related to the District Attorney. Don’t want them on my bad side for sure! So, if you’re reading this, and your child is in the contest, please know that I think he/she is stinkin’ adorable! As a matter of fact, I secretly think your kid is THE cutest one, but I just have to stay neutral. I hope you understand.

Changing the subject… We’re not really doing regular foster care right now, but we are doing respite and emergency placement. Haley is a senior this year, and Yuri goes to kindergarten next year, so I’m hoping we can get back into it more. For now, we just do short-term placements and it’s working well for our family. I got a call from DHR Friday evening asking me to take a 2-week-old baby girl. She weighs 5 pounds and is the sweetest little redhead you ever saw. I got her Friday and kept her until today, but she’s gone now to her new foster home.

My Sunday school class is doing a Bible study called “Frazzled Female”. And people, believe me when I say that I’m frazzled most of the time. I feel like I’m in a perpetual state of frazzlement actually. For reasons that defy logic, having that newborn baby in the house DE-FRAZZLED me. For 3 of the 4 nights we had her, I “slept” on the couch with her. And by sleep I mean that I sat up and held her. There’s nothing in the world sweeter and more peaceful than rocking a tiny baby.

Y’all have a good day – see ya next time!

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