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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby G!!!

My baby girl is 4 years old today. I cannot believe it. I think it’s harder with these last two kids because I realize how fast time flies.

I have to say that Gigi is our most mischievous child. I’m saying mischievous because I heard over the weekend that you should never say that a child is mean or else they’ll spend their whole life trying to live up to that label. I’m not sure what kind of spell she cast on the family, but she can get away with murder. She does things that none of my other children would even THINK of, much less get away with. She’s just so stinkin’ cute and funny that I can’t stay mad at her. I have a feeling I’m going to be an enabler.

Also more than any of the others, she has her daddy WRAPPED. It could be because she insists on climbing in his lap every night before bed to watch her “favorite tartoon”. Or maybe because when he walks in the door, she starts reporting who all was “mean” to her that day so he can spank them. Or maybe because when we go to the doctor and she has to get a shot, she cries “I’m telling my daddy on youuuuuuu!”

Everybody loves Baby G . I don’t know what I did before I got her, but I know it was a LOT less than I do now.


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