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Monday, July 18, 2011

Trust're going to love this!

I know some people follow a lot of different blogs. I read Bro. Jack’s and Joe David’s every day so I can keep up with the church happenings. I follow maybe 5 or 6 blogs other than that, and I typically only check them once a week or so and catch up on anything I’ve missed. I stumbled upon a blog a couple of months ago that I am absolutely loving. I have shared it privately with a couple of people, but I’ve decided that it’s so good, I just HAVE to give it a public shout out! The blogger’s name is Missy and she’s got a whole pile of kids (some biological and some adopted). Sound familiar?

Missy’s blog makes me literally laugh out loud. I believe the term “LOL” is grossly overused. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually been reading something or writing something and “laughed out loud” (although I’m as guilty as anybody as far as using it goes). This blog truly makes me laugh out loud sometimes. I read one this morning about her husband “planking” and I believe my entire day is going to be better because I laughed so early in the morning!

Just go check it out. When you have time, read some of her older blogs (there’s a “BEST OF” section). And read about the journey her family is enduring right now while trying to adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia. I promise you that this blog is going to touch you in some way… she’s funny, she’s crazy, she’s honest, and she’s HUMAN. Enjoy!!!   

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