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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And the best BED HEAD Award goes to....

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “bed head”. I hear it sometimes on “America’s Next Top Model”. I guess it’s cool to have tousled, messy hair these days? Well, that’s actually VERY good news for Yuri. If she ever decides to model and they tell her they want the “bed head” look… well, let’s just say I think she has market cornered. Don’t you think?

Now, seriously?!?! What in the WORLD am I gonna do with this heap of hair? I’m glad it’s growing so we can eventually pull it in a ponytail, but it seems to be growing OUT instead of down!

She’s going to hate me for posting this picture on the internet for the world to see. Any future potential husbands with the idea that they’ll be waking up next to an exotic beauty will have that idea shot down with one peek at the blog. Sorry, sweetie. Hopefully this is a bad hair phase that will pass with age.

I thought I’d post the bad hair picture and then post a cute picture of her with her hair fixed, but with the humidity and the heat, that’s an ambitious thought! I told her to be still and let me take a picture and she started striking poses like she really is on ANTM!

Oh, and never one to be left out, Gigi wanted me to take her picture striking a pose too.

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