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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Probably not the best example of our parenting...

I don’t actually watch a lot of TV… at least I don’t think I do. I guess it depends on who you are comparing me to. The TV is ON all the time, but I don’t usually pay attention. I DVR “Y&R” so I *always* watch it first thing in the morning. Then I usually put it in TLC or E! and watch a couple of things while I’m checking my email, getting a little work done, and waiting for the babies to get up.

In between my early morning shows and Willard’s nightly TV shows, I keep the TV on cartoons for Yuri and Gigi. It’s shocking how closely they pay attention to “our” shows. I’m embarrassed to admit this, and I hope DHR doesn’t read my blog, but Gigi’s favorite show in the world is “King of the Hill”. Yeah, seriously.

Willard has always been a big fan of “King of the Hill” and he DVRs every episode. If he’s home, you can bet that he’s either playing Black Ops or watching “King of the Hill”, “The Office” or something kind of swamp, logging, Big Foot show. (I am a HUGE fan of “Swamp People”, by the way. I will blog about my secret Swamp People crush on another day).

Anyway, before Gigi goes to bed at night, she crawls up in Willard’s lap and asks to watch her “fay-bret tartoon”. Instead of playing baby dolls or school like normal children, she wants to play “King of the Hill”. She’ll say, “I’m Bobby Hill. Mommy, you be Peggy Hill.” Geez, Louise. We’re trying to discourage it without making a big deal about it. It’s a cartoon to her and she doesn’t get the adult humor, of course, but it’s not something I want her getting attached to.

She also likes it when I watch “Extreme Home Makeover”. She makes me rewind it and watch the MOVE THAT BUS part over and over.

Ummm... oh yeah.  I forgot to mention she loves to watch babies being born on "The Baby Story". 
I'm going to stop this blog now.  I'm feeling pretty crappy about my parenting skills.  The more I type, the worse I feel. 


  1. LOL :P My girls love watching "Baby Story" too. I had to warn my youngest, that it is NOT OK to tell all of her friends where babies really come from :/ When my niece was born, my sister asked me to make sure the girls weren't going to tell my nephew how she was going to come out! Too funny.

  2. If they keep watching 'The Baby Story' I'm guessing the thought of babies coming out of the belly button will soon be ending.....!!! As long as they don't learn correct anatomy terms, you'll be ok ;o)

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