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Monday, January 24, 2011

My favorite place...

Everybody has one place in their home they enjoy the most. Mine is the tub! If I'm tired, a bubble bath rejuvenates me. If I'm stressed, it calms me. If I'm cold, it warms me up. Most of all, it's the place I can go for complete silence. If mom's in the tub, everybody knows to stay away.

My favorite thing to do is climb in a tub of hot bubbly water with a good book. I've been known to eat my LUNCH in the tub on particularly crazy and stressful days. And before Biggest Loser started, I had formed a habit of eating a bowl of ice cream every night before bed - in the tub. I LOVE ice cream, but it makes me cold. And not many things make me as irritable as being cold. I remedied this issue by eating it in the tub so I could stay warm. Willard bought me a tub pillow last year and it's AWESOME. I can even NAP in there. Yes!!!

Lisa Terry got me one of those sayings that sticks to the wall. "HAPPINESS IS A LONG, HOT BUBBLE BATH". She said she saw it and immediately thought of me. Haha. It's VERY appropriate. I love it!

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