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Thursday, February 17, 2011

We love Lacey James!

If you ask Yuri and Gigi who their favorite person in the whole world is, they'll say "Lacey James".   Believe me, it can hurt a mama's feelings the first few times they say it, but I'm getting used to it now! Actually, they used to say "Stacey Jane" because they couldn't pronounce her name right, which was adorable, but I've noticed they say "Lacey James" now.  Notice that she's never just "Lacey"... always "Lacey James".  She can thank Hunter for that.  For some odd reason, he calls a lot of people by their first and last name.  Oh well, that's another story.  This blog is about Lacey James. 

Lacey James is the BOMB babysitter.  She's definitely hands-on.  She'll play duck-duck-goose or tag for hours at a time.  She seems to never tire of them, and they certainly never tire of her!  She's sweet and patient and she makes my babies happy.

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