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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Belize anyone?

I have blogged before about Willard's out-of-the-blue ideas.  These are ideas that "come" to him, and he is immediately convinced that it's the right thing to do.  He has a hard time understanding why I'm sometimes skeptical, reluctant, or slow to come around. 

About six months ago, he called and it went something like this...
WILLARD: We're moving to Belize.
ME: Okay!!!!
WILLARD:  Seriously.
ME:  Okay!!!!
WILLARD:  Really.  I was reading about it online.  The cost of living is so cheap there.  We could sell our house and buy a nice house RIGHT on the beach, and have money left over! 
ME:  Sounds good.  Maybe someday.
WILLARD: No!  Right now.  Let's move!
ME:  We can't move.  We have jobs!
WILLARD:  You work from home, so we can live anywhere.
ME:  Ohhhh... I see.  So you want to move to Belize where I will work and support you. 
WILLARD: Exactly.  Well, I'll be a pool boy or something.

You're probably laughing right now, but you need to understand that HE IS SERIOUS.  If I would agree, we'd be soaking up the sun right now.  We keep frequent checks on the weather there, and it's 78 degrees today. 

Belize is located just below Mexico and right beside Guatemala.  The temperature stays in the 70s and 80s year round.  The official language is English. 

Isn't it beautiful?? 

I'm telling ya, after being snowed in for 4 days straight, supporting the hubby in Belize doesn't look too bad.  Hunter and Haley Rae are all in, but Karlie is holding out. 

So, for now, my family will have to deal with the FREEZING cold weather that Alabama has to offer... sigh...

BUT one day soon, if you notice we're missing, it could be that we decided to ride off into the sunset. To live in BELIZE!

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