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Sunday, November 30, 2014

9 Things That Annoy Me....

Willard says I’ve been grumpy for a couple of days so I might as well use my blog to voice some things that annoy me.  These are in no particular order of how much they annoy me, by the way.  Just saying that so if you see yourself in one of the categories, you won’t think I’m any more annoyed by you than I am by anything else.

(1)    People who repost articles on Facebook that are obviously fake (and are outraged because they think it's true).  It’s called satire, folks.  It just means some poor soul who isn’t talented enough to be a real journalist is allowed to write garbage and publish it.  Take a minute and investigate the article before you share it to all of your FB friends.  Really.  It makes you look silly.  If you read something that is so absolutely unbelievably stupid that you just cannot imagine it being true, it’s probably not.  Unless, of course, it’s something dumb Obama has done…. That’s usually always true.

(2)    Ketchup.  Ketchup annoys me.  It’s gross.

(3)    People who update their FB status or upload pictures dozens of times a day.  Nobody wants to see all that.  I know what you’re thinking….  The obvious thing would be to hide those people, right?  Well, I can’t, okay!?! It’s like a train wreck.  I want to look away, but I just can’t.  Now, don’t be texting me and asking if I’m talking about you. If you have any doubt, then I probably am.  If you’re posting more often than you’re going to the bathroom, that’s NOT NORMAL.  Moderation, people, moderation….

(4)    Alabama/Auburn fans.  I am totally a sports fan and I love a good competition, but sometimes this whole rivalry thing gets out of hand. It’s ugly, it’s petty, and it’s immature. I’m a Bama fan (duh!) but I’m talking to both sides.  Can’t we all just get along?

(5)    Mean girls. I blogged about this one time.  I know all us females have the Mean Girl gene (some have a more dominant gene than others), and it usually peaks in middle school.  If you’re over 14 and you still need to feel powerful by playing on the insecurities of others, then you have a problem.  It’s time to grow up.  You’re not cute. 

(6)    I was going to say negative people, but given the subject of today's blog, that’s probably a bit hypocritical of me.  I’m not USUALLY this negative though, so I’ll say it.  If you don’t have anything positive to say… EVER… then you should probably figure out why.  Chances are, the problem is not the circumstances or the people around you… it’s probably YOU.  Stop blaming everybody else and fix yourself.

(7)    Winter.  Annoying.

(8)    Common Core Math. Seriously sooooo annoying.  The majority of the people I know agree with me on this one.  A few of you don’t.  And that’s okay.  I understand the general concept of Common Core, but you will never in a million years convince me that this new way of learning math is a good idea.  Instead of Common Core, how about some common sense?

(9)    Alexander Shunnarah.  You know you agree with this this.  Gah, so annoying.

Did you notice my list is Top 9, as opposed to the typical Top 10? Well, that's in honor of this year's Heisman winner (got to be!!) ... the one and only... #9 Amari Cooper.  Roll Tide! 

Whew. I feel better already.  So, now it’s your turn.  What annoys you?  And please don’t say ME! 


  1. This may come twice (don't know what I'm doing) but can I have permission to copy the mean girl thing??? Needs to be shared! (And I have boys) gah!!!

  2. You sure can. If you google "Can you say chaos Mean Girls", I think you'll find the link to the original mean girls post.