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Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm baaccck!

I’m baaccck!  Sorry for the dry spell.  I had someone ask me last week if I stopped blogging because my life was no longer chaotic.  Uh, no.  That would not be an accurate statement.  It’s a crazy, crazy life – I kid you not – but it’s a different kind of crazy lately.  I'm doing some new stuff in addition to my family and my job.  It's a bit time consuming, but very fulfilling.  I'm going to blog all about it soon.  

But back to the family life - 

For the first time since Hunter was 6 years old, we have gone 5 months without anybody in our family playing an organized sport.  Karlie didn’t play volleyball this year, the little girls didn’t sign up for basketball.  We’ve actually been HOME in the evenings – what a concept!  The downside is that I have to cook every night.  The upside is that I can put kids in the tub at 6:30 and have them in bed by 7:30.  That’s working well for Yuri and Gigi.  We don’t even need to discuss Aubree’s sleeping habits.  There seriously needs to be scientific study done on that child. 

Speaking of Aubree, she is totally addicted to “Peppa Pig”.  It’s a pretty cute cartoon….in moderation.  We basically watch it 24/7, though and it’s becoming unbearable for me.  The fact that Willard is beginning to speak with a British accent, Aubree is ending all her sentences with an “oink”, and calling me “Mommy Pig” tend to make me think we have a problem. 

More Garnett family updates to come… so stay tuned!

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