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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yuri loves Colton

From the very first time Yuri saw Colton Dixon audition this year on “American Idol”, she was smitten.  My first thought, “oh, great.  She WOULD pick out the one with the mohawk”.  And then I got a lesson about judging people by their appearance.  Now after seeing what he is really all about, I would be honored to have him as my son-in-law someday.  This boy loves Jesus and isn’t afraid to say it in front of millions.  The 15-year age difference between him and Yuri might be a hurdle, but who knows!?!

Yuri been so cute this entire season, talking about “her boy”.  She told me once that she loves to hear him sing so much he makes her eyes want to drip.  Awww.  I’m not exactly sure what she means, but I think it’s a good thing!

We always DVR the show and watch it back the next morning.  Last week when she got up to watch “her boy”, I had to break the news that he was voted off.  She was so sad – she’s still hoping to sing a duet with him.       

Here’s her video to Colton:

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