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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Senior Discount - the Sequel

You may remember my blog a few months ago where I told the story of Willard and the senior discount at KFC.  I keep telling him to get rid of that white facial hair.  It ages him by years… like 10 years apparently.

Last Friday night, we had some time between Haley’s ballgames so me, Willard, my mom and my dad all went to Ryan’s to eat some yummy fried chicken off the buffet. 

When we got there and I saw that they have a senior citizen discount for age 55 and older,  actually make a joke to mom in line – “Wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if they gave Willard the senior discount? Haha”  

Insert picture of the receipt as proof…

Raise your hand if you’re pretty sure you were the only one in the party who didn’t get the senior discount…

Told ya he needs to shave!  Oh well, good thing I like older men.  AND he did save us 70 cents!

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