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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random thoughts for today...

Random thoughts for Thursday –

·        No matter how long you let it lay there, laundry will not fold itself. 

·        The best invention of the century is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

·        I’m loving the convenience of the Tide Pods, but I hate the smell.  Smells like an old man’s cologne. 

·        I would be a terrible juror.  I watch “Dateline” and “48 Hours Mystery” and the first half of the show I think the person is guilty and the second half I think they’re innocent.  I’m easily swayed. 

·        I think Haley Rae tweets entirely too much.

·        It amazes me that Hunter considers himself an “accounting genius” but he can’t keep up with his checking account balance.

·        I’m pretty sure Karlie is going to be 6 ft tall.

·        Am I the only person not feeling DeAndre on American Idol? 

·        I’m proud to say that one of my children (either Yuri or Gigi…can’t remember which) wore white shoes last week (yes, a week BEFORE Easter) and I hardly had any anxiety at all. 

I took the three little ones to Amy Sherrill a couple of weeks ago for Easter pictures.  Apparently, Gigi has a phobia when it comes to furry creatures.  She didn’t want the bunnies or the chickens anywhere around.  I finally said “Gigi, you HAVE to sit still and smile for just a minute.  Even if they crawl on you, you CANNOT move”.  And this is what we got…

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