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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Love letters

I promised that my next blog entry would be about the cool new website I found, but first I want to ask you a favor.  There’s a family in my church/community who has suffered a terrible loss and they need lots of prayers.  Please stop and ask God to heal their hearts and give them peace. 

Earlier this week I was reading some blogs that I follow, and somehow (quite by accident) I found the ABSOLUTE coolest thing ever.  The website is called  There is a two-fold idea/project behind this – both of which I think are SWEET ideas.

First – the webmaster/creator of this project, a 23-year-old named Hannah, sends out the name of a person who is in need of some TLC or some encouragement.  She sends the name to everyone who has signed up to participate in the love letter campaign.  She gives a specific date that you are to mail the letter to HER, and she then bundles them all together and mails them to the recipient.  Can you imagine… being at one of the lowest points of your life, not knowing if anybody cares at all, not really being able to see a glimmer (much less a LIGHT) at the end of the tunnel… and then the mailman appears with dozens of letters from ALL OVER THE WORLD??  All specifically addressed to YOU!?!  Complete strangers telling you that you ARE somebody and you ARE loved.  No doubt about, you’re going to feel something.  I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for my first email from Hannah giving me the name of the recipient of my first love letter.  Ahhhhhh!  Isn’t that the coolest thing EVER? 

The second part of the project is to leave love letter/post-it notes in random places for strangers to find (public restrooms, fitting rooms, etc). Hannah asks that when you leave a random note, you write on it somewhere so the finder of the note can go to the website and see what it’s all about… and hopefully pay it forward.

Now, before you even start with all the excuses… “I’m not good at writing letters”  “I never know what to say” Hannah even has sample notes and GUIDELINES on the website. 

Join me as I rush out to buy up some cute stationery and wait for my first assignment!! 

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