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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I need to carry duct tape in my purse...

There are many uses for duct tape.  I'm about to start carrying it so I can tape
Yuri and Gigi's mouths shut when they start blurting out things that they shouldn't!!!

Most recent example:  We went to the high school football game on Friday night.  A nice, older man (friend of the family... or at least he WAS) came up and started talking to me.  Yuri and/or Gigi, it's all a fog now, placed their little hands on his belly and said "Wow!  You have a really big belly.  Is there a baby in there?"  O... M... G... I wanted to crawl in a hole.  Luckily, he had a sense of humor about it and laughed it off but I was still sooooo embarrassed.

I took Y and G directly to the bathroom and explained why we NEVER tell someone they have a big belly and we NEVER ask someone if they have a baby in there.  The baby part is my fault because I'm constantly pointing out pregnant women and saying, "Look, girls, she has a little baby in her tummy".  My new rule to them is that unless they see the baby's head coming out (relax, they think babies come out the belly button), they are NOT to mention it. We went over it several times, with me stressing how SAD it makes someone when you talk about their big belly.  They said they understood and pinky promised not to do it again.

The little liars.

Less than 2 minutes after our "talk" in the bathroom, a man comes up to ask me a question.   This is not a man that I know well.  I mean, I know who he is but we're not close friends.  And now we never will be because I will have to avoid eye contact with him the rest of my life.  Yep, they did it again.... I suppose the word "mortified" would be the closest thing I can use to describe how I felt.  I mumbled my apologies and herded my little monsters away as fast as I could. 

I noticed that Target carries some really cute duct tape designs.  I think we'll start with Hello Kitty.

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  1. Bahaha! Oh, I would have been mortified! I had to have several talks with my youngest after she said some rather embarrassing things (loudly) in public. She has gotten better. The duct tape sounds like a great idea ;)