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Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!! :)

I had a great birthday today.  I intended to stay home in my pajamas and watch soaps and I.D. TV all day but I got better offers!  Tammy, my sis-in-law, invited me to lunch (CHINESE even!) and then I went shopping to spend all my birthday money.  I don't normally enjoy shopping that much, but I had a great time today.  I found all kinds of bargains.  Then, Willard let me choose where to go to supper and I chose Rosie's.  It was a hard decision.  I narrowed it down between Rosie's and Sarge's, and in the end the cheese dip tipped the scale Rosie's way. 

I got a bajillion million Facebook birthday wishes.  I never know how to handle that.  You can't really comment back to everybody, and it's lame to just hit "like" on all of them.  I commented back to a random few and I think I'll thank everybody in bulk in one status tomorrow.  It makes me feel good that so many people took a few seconds out of their day to send me a message.  I got especially sweet messages from Hunter and Haley Rae.  Karlie texted me one privately that was sweet too. 

I'm 41.  Ouch.  I don't feel 41, but apparently I am.  To be honest, right this moment I *do* feel every bit of 41, but I normally don't.  It's funny, but in my mind, I'm still like 32 or something.  So, you can imagine my aggravation Saturday night when I had a very disturbing conversation with the cashier at Cracker Barrel.  She somehow knew that we had been at a volleyball tournament all day, so she makes some comment about how she missed playing.  I told her that I didn't play in high school because our school didn't have a team.  She then proceeds to tell me about how her senior year was the first year her school had a team and she remembered having to wear boys basketball uniforms because they didn't have girl uniforms.  She kept saying "remember how..." blah, blah, blah, and it started bothering me.  This lady was COMPLETELY gray and obviously decades older than me.  But she kept on referring back to "our" high school days.  Finally, I said "ummm, what year did you graduate?".  She said "1976".  My response was probably louder and more foreful than it should've been but ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  I said, "I was in FIRST GRADE in 1976" and walked off.  As Karlie and I went out the door, I said "Karlie, do I look as old as HER??".  Karlie studied me for a second and said, "well, not usually....  But right now you DO look kinda tired and wrinkly". 

Here's a video of Y&G singing Happy Birthday to me.  Gigi couldn't quite understand why I didn't bring cupcakes to her class today for my birthday.  I had to go buy a cake for myself to keep the trauma down to a minimum. 


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  1. Amy Lynn Randolph Garnett!!!! I graduated in 1969...YES, I am OLD....c a n y o u s a y OLDDDDDDD!!! So, here's what struck a cord (besides the fact that you are theeeee funniest writer I know and always have me in stitches)...I can't tell you how many times I've told people about how I played basketball in high school and it was the first year of having a girls team and I was the star but our uniforms were our boyfriends FOOTBALL JERSEYS!!! Yes, football jerseys. How pathetic is that? I think our season consisted of 6 games. And I think there were 6 of us on the team!PATHETIC I say...pathetic! But, I was living the dream at that time. There, just pretend that I was just your check out clerk at Walmart and told you my life story. I digress.. it's not about's about you. It was YOUR DAY...your birthday. Sounded like it was eventful and had some joy thrown in to boot. Happy Birthday to my niece..who was,is and will always be special to me. I love you. Aunt Judy.