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Friday, March 4, 2011


I hope this time tomorrow I can re-post this picture on my blog and announce to you that the team you see here are the State Champions. If there's ever been a group of young women and coaches who deserve it, you're looking at them.  They've worked for years for get to this specific game.  There have been other big games, all important in this journey, but this the ONE.  All the marbles. 

I've had several people say to me in the last couple days, "Well, they should just be proud to have made it this far. Madison Academy is supposed to be tough". Yes, they're tough. But so are we. I haven't specifically asked the players or the coaches, but I can nearly guarantee you that they didn't work this hard for so long to come in SECOND place. Yeah, they're proud to have made it this far, but they're not satisfied yet.

They BELIEVED they could win county back in 8th grade, and they did.  They BELIEVED they could win the county tournament this year, and they did.  They BELIEVED they could win Regionals, and they did.  They BELIEVED they could beat Sumter County in the state semis, and they did.  And guess what folks... they BELIEVE they can beat Madison Academy and take home the blue trophy.  I know I'm not alone when I say that I BELIEVE IT TOO! 

 TOGETHER we stand, TOGETHER we fall, TOGETHER we win, and winners take ALL.
Go LADY HAWKS!  You've got fans all over the world (literally!) rooting for you.  Get out there and play the way we all know you can, and let's send Mad Acad packing! 

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