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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Glimpse Into My World....

Randomness.  That's what this blog is about.  Just a few random things that have happened in my world over the past few days.

There was the night before Easter when the Easter Bunny finally had all the candy put out for the kids and then she noticed a note from Gigi....

Well, of course, the "Ester" Bunny had to say yes.  So she found herself in the front yard at 11 p.m. hiding plastic eggs in the bushes.

Willard's side of the family meets at the park for Easter lunch.  A mud puddle full of tadpoles and some red Solo cups made for great fun... but bad news for Aubree's BRAND new shoes.

Easter at the Randoph farm followed... How many of you had your Easter egg hunt around a John Deere plow?  (I think it's a plow... it's green and you pull it behind a tractor)

And then yesterday morning I had court for CASA.  I drove around the courthouse for seriously 20 minutes looking for parking place but I couldn't find ANYTHING. I finally parked in a spot that was clearly marked "no parking" but it wasn't blocking anything and it seemed like the only option. I wrote a nice little note and stuck it to my windshield that said "I am sorry for parking here but I couldn't find another spot.  Please don't give me a ticket".  In case you're wondering if it worked...

And then Willard was in a terrible accident.  With his razor.

A few months ago, we got this precious fluffy yellow cat from the vet. We named him Petey but we call him Fuzzy Cat most of the time.  He's the friendliest kitty ever and lets our girls torture him and dress him up and strap him in the doll stroller.  Willard pretends like he doesn't like him because he's not a "real" cat.  He says unless he catches mice, he's worthless.  Well, guess what...  our sweet kitty showed up at the kitchen window this morning with a prize for us.

A day of work, two dentist appointments, and a softball game today.  I'm sure there are more random moments coming!

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