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Monday, January 6, 2014

My Secret To Staying Warm....

There is no one in the whole world who hates cold weather more than me.  Seriously.  It makes me miserable and angry. 

It is currently 10 degrees outside in ALABAMA and I'm feeling just fine.  I feel like I need to share my secret with you because I know many of you share my hatred of the coldness. 

Here goes...

I haven't had a hormone pill in 4 days.  And ladies, my inner solar source is cranked up.  There is nothing to make you toasty like a good 'ol fashioned hot flash.  Miss 4 pills in a row... it's like perpetual warmth. 

The problem is, the amount of estrogen in my body closely correlates with the amount of niceness in my body. 


My mood? Eh.

My patience level? Relatively low.

My marital status? A little shaky.  He says he's going to melt the pills down and inject me in my sleep.

But I'm warm.  I'm so warm.


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