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Friday, June 29, 2012

Fun, fun, fun!!

This is another one of those blogs without a point.  Just basically an update on our week. 

We travelled to Arkansas last weekend to see my mom’s family.  For my entire life, we’ve gotten together with the Cantley’s every year (well, for a while, we went to every other year but that didn’t last).  It used to be in Shreveport, LA every year and that’s 14 million miles away.  And you have to travel the roads of Mississippi which is basically like off-roading.  Even the interstate is bumpy.  As always though, I loved every minute of our visit and hate to leave them. 

Yuri and Gigi had a ball with their cousins.

I was dreading the trip this year because Baby A is not a very good traveler, but she did soooo good.  She was a perfect angel all the way there and all the way back.  It was really hot last weekend, so I bent the rules and let her drink whatever people fed her.  In this case, I’m sure it was Mt. Dew!!

All the kids had a ball.  They all rode the tube, and they all fell off the tube... This shot of Haley Rae and her cousins gives you some idea.  Do not adjust your screen.  The tube is actually in the process of flipping and that’s Haley Rae on the bottom of a big pile of LSU fans.  Yuck.  J 

I love these sister pictures. 

We’re glad to be home and have had a nice week.  Baby A is really mobile these days but she’s becoming a MUCH easier baby.  She will finally sit in the floor and play with her toys – all by herself. 

I love taking the kids swimming for a few reasons.  First of all, they love it and they have so much fun.  Secondly, if they’re in the pool, they’re not destroying something in the house.  Thirdly, it wears them completely out.  When we got home yesterday from Pt. Mallard, all three little ones were in their car seats asleep.  I woke up Yuri and Gigi and told them to crawl out through my door while I carried the baby inside.  I took Baby A inside and when I went back out to unload the car, this is how I found Gigi.  She made it halfway across the console and then face planted in my seat.  Sound asleep.  Haha.  Can you say tired?

And finally, I’m uploading this music video.  If Luke Bryan sees this, I’m sure he’ll want to hire them as backup singers. 

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