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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Clean sheets

Not too much stresses me out.  I think it’s fairly obvious that I have nerves of steel, but y’all I’m seriously stressed out right now.  I was trolling Facebook yesterday and saw a comment about a husband and wife disagreeing on how often the sheets should be changed on the bed.  Well, apparently the whole world changes their sheets once a week.  Seriously?  Who knew!?!  This stresses me out more than I can even explain.  As you probably know, laundry is the thorn in my side, the fly in my soup, the… well, you get the picture.  I have SO stinkin’ much laundry every week that it depresses me to even talk about it.  I want to shut off the back part of the house so I don’t have to even look at it.  Now I find out that I’m supposed to be changing everybody’s sheets every week??? Somebody just go ahead and shoot me. 

I change Yuri and Gigi’s several times a week, sometimes every day, but that’s because they pee in the bed.  Yes, I know I should cut off their drink supply but I can’t stand it if I think they’re thirsty so I let them drink all they want.  And I change sheets as necessary.  But, the rest of us hardly ever wet the bed (kidding…) so it just never occurred to me that the sheets needed to be changed EVERY week.  I have six beds.  SIX.  Do you know how long it’s going to take to wash sheets for six beds? 

Oh well.  I will not be the nastiest family around so I will suck it up and wash my sheets like a nice little June Cleaver.  My heart is not in it, but I’ll get it done.  I ran upstairs and stripped our bed as soon as I realized these people REALLY were serious.  I told Karlie to pick a day for her sheets to be washed EVERY week.  She picked Monday but looked at me like I’d lost my mind.  (I know, sweetie…but I don’t handle peer pressure well). 

Willard thought it was hysterical.  When we got ready for bed and I said, “oh wait, I’ve got to get our sheets out of the dryer”, he busted out laughing.  “Is this because of FACEBOOK?”.  I knew he wouldn’t believe me if I claimed it was coincidental, so I ‘fessed up.  When we get into bed, he inhales and goes “mmm.  Clean sheets DO sleep better”.  Well, get used to it, honey. 

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