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Saturday, September 11, 2010

One of *those* days!

When I named my blog "can you say chaos?", I must've been foreshadowing yesterday.  Yikes. 

I'll have to back up a bit and give you some history first.  Hunter hasn't felt well for a couple of weeks and he called me on Tuesday to let me know he was "spacing out" at school.  He really couldn't articulate it any better than that, just that he couldn't concentrate.  So, when he decided to come home yesterday, I got him in to see the doctor. 

Here's where the chaos starts... I'm almost to the doctor's office to meet Hunter when Karlie's volleyball coach calls.  Apparently Karlie has injured her wrist playing volleyball and she isn't doing well.  I said "you mean it's broken?".  He said, "well, I don't know, but I think she's about to have a seizure."  (Karlie was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 6).  I told him I was in Decatur but that Willard was home and I'd send him to pick her up. 

So I go into the doctor office with Hunter.  After talking with Hunter, doing an exam, and drawing blood, the doctor says that based on Hunter's description and the family history of epilepsy, he thinks Hunter may be having petit mal seizures.  Well, that's just great.  He's having an EEG first thing Monday morning.  This means he'll miss classes on Monday, and it also means that if his EEG does indeed show seizure activity, we have to deal with many issues, including driving a car.  !!! 

In the meantime, Willard calls and says that the school nurse thinks Karlie's wrist may be broken and she will need an x-ray.  He heads to Cullman to get an x-ray while I wrap up Hunter's visit.  Turns out that her wrist just appears to be sprained, but she'll need another x-ray next week to make sure there's not a fracture in the growth plate that isn't showing up yet.  She said she never felt like she was having a seizure.  Her wrist was just hurting so bad that she was seeing spots and thought she might pass out. 

In the midst of all this, I realize that Willard was supposed to pick up Yuri and Gigi from daycare, but he's in Cullman (with the car seats).  I'm in Decatur and he's in Cullman, Yuri and Gigi should have been picked up 30 minutes ago.... luckily, Haley Rae was home and was able to dig out old car seats from the garage and go get them. 

I realize I'm hungry but it's too close to supper to really eat, so I swing through Chic-Fil-A and get a vanilla shake (you know, the one with whip cream and a cherry!). 

Before I even take a drink of my shake.... Oh, look... I missed a call from my social worker at DHR.  (By the way, ANY time DHR calls, you come to learn that SOMETHING is going on).  I call her back and she answered with "never mind, we found someone".  Apparently they had picked up two children (ages 4 and 2) and they wanted me to take them for a few days.  I just start laughing.  I laugh because that's ALL I need - two more kids to add to an already unbelievably stressful day.  And I laugh because had I ANSWERED the phone the first time she called, I WOULD have two more kids to add to an already stressful day! 

I still haven't taken a drink of my shake because my family and friends are calling to check on Karlie, but a melted shake is still tasty so no big deal, right?  As I turn off Danville Road onto Wynn Wallace, the entire shake tilts and dumps into the floorboard.  I don't even drink or cuss, but I have to admit at that moment I wanted to do both! 

The day eventually settled down.  All my kids were tucked in safely at home by bedtime and Gigi slept all night.  That's got to be a sign that today will be a better day! 


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