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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Like I really have time to BLOG!!!!

Okay, so my life is crazy and busy and chaotic all the time. And now I'm creating a blog. I owe this decision to three people... Keightley and Kristen, because I read their family blogs every day and enjoy them, and also Leslie, who suggested I keep a journal. I figure it will be easier to keep a blog since I'm already at the computer working anyway.

I won't go into the history of our family because chances are that if you're reading this, you know know us well and don't really want me to rehash it all. Let's just say I've been blessed with 5 very active kids who keep me running crazy all the time. On top of that, I supervise between 45 and 65 employees, depending on the season. I do work from home and have lots of flexibility, plus an AWESOME co-manager (thank, Suz!) so I basically have the best job in the world.

After I posted on Facebook that we thought Yuri had a stomach virus because she was throwing up, only to discover the next day that the REASON she threw up was because she drank 3-day old pool water and swallowed a beetle, Leslie suggested that I keep a journal of funnies. Since something like this literally happens EVERY day, I guess I'll keep track of them all here.

Hunter update - He created a Facebook page called "Prayers for Cody Baker and Hunter Garnett". He uploaded some pictures and put a couple of new notes on there. He's having a great time.

Haley/Karlie update - Haley Rae had 3 softball games on Monday and 2 yesterday, plus 2 more ocming up on Thursday. She's gone today to Bham shopping with Megan. We go back tomorrow to Dr. Tapscott to check on her knees. Her kneecap is tracking to the side when she runs and it's causing her a lot of pain. She's been doing therapy and I think it may be helping.

Karlie is my social butterfly. She's either at somebody's house or has company EVERY SINGLE DAY. She lives at the pool so she's as brown as the babies. She saw "Eclipse" last night at midnight with Sydni and is going again tonight with Connor and Brittany. Necessary? I think not. But fun? Definitely!

I've got Ruben and Minque this week and will have them until next Tuesday. So far so good! They're really sweet kids. It's CRAZY having so many little ones here, but craziness is something I'm used to, so we're making it fine. I've had to work some odd hours, but that's okay too. Ruben is 2 1/2 and doesn't really say anything except "mama". This morning I cut them all a piece of birthday cake (no, it wasn't anybody's birthday... we just like birthday cake so I randomly buy them) and when I handed Ruben's his, he said "Yuuummmy". HAHA. So I guess he CAN talk, he just needs to have a reason to! Typical man!

I don't know how to upload pictures yet but I'm working on it. I think the pictures are part of the reason I enjoy Keightly and Kristen's blogs so much.

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Yea Amy! I agree, your stories are too good to keep them to yourself! See you soon!