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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cats, zebras, pigs, blankets and lingerie...

After months of being MIA, we found Gigi's "Izzy" yesterday.  Izzy is a stuffed kitty cat that Gigi has slept with since she was less than a year old.  Somehow Izzy got to Momar's house and I guess Momar didn't realize that she needed to send her home.  Gigi was soooo excited that we found her, and carried her around all day yesterday.  She napped easier yesterday and went to bed easier last night, which I attribute to Izzy! 

Finding Izzy got me to thinking about security blankets and such.  Until then, I hadn't realized that ALL my kids had some sort of security animal/blanket when they were younger. 

Yuri sleeps with three things... a Zebra that Pam Shelton got her for her 2nd birthday, a Piglet that Karlie bought for herself but gave to Yuri when she fell in love with it, and a pink doggie. 

Karlie never really had an animal.  She preferred her "blankee".  She rotated between a yellow thermal blanket with silky fringe, and a pink one with no fringe.  She wasn't attached until she was about 18 months old.  I got out the baby blankets and the pacifiers so her and Haley could play baby dolls.  Karlie walked in the den a little bit later with a paci in her mouth and a blanket slung over her shoulder.  It took FOREVER (like years!) to get either one of them away from her.

Oh, I think I said all my kids had some sort of security blanket/animal when they were younger.  I need to correct that... Haley Rae STILL sleeps with hers and it goes on vacation, to camp, etc. every year.  She sleeps with a stuffed pig with a piece of my old lingerie wrapped around it.  She didn't realize she was sleeping with my lingerie until a couple of years ago and she was pretty freaked about it, but not freaked enough to let it go.  The pig is nasty and stinks but she won't let me wash it because she's afraid he'll lose his stuffing. 

Haley's stinky pig

Hunter's first security item was a little blue cloth baby doll that we called "Mr. Bill".  He slept with Mr. Bill until he was 4 or 5, and I then I guess he realized it wasn't cool to sleep with dolls.  After that, he started sleeping with all his "jungle friends".  I would walk in his room at night and barely be able to find him under all the animals.  I actually have a picture of him and Jacob Fields asleep in the pile of animals.  I'll have to find that picture and upload it to Facebook - ha!  I finally had to tell him to pick ONE animal.  He zoned in on one he called "Fur Ball".
Fur Ball

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