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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm changing my name to Jennifer...

According to the Urban Dictionary website:

Butt Call - An unintended cell-phone call made by sitting on the speed dial buttons.

Maybe not daily, but VERY frequently, my phone will ring and nobody will be on the other line.  I'll see the person's name who called and when I call them back, they'll say "no, I didn't call you".  Uhhh YEAH, you did.  Because my name starts with "A", I'm frequently the first person listed in people's phones.  When you put your phone in your pocket, or reach into your purse to get something out, I often receive a butt call and you never even know it. 

Sometimes these phone calls turn out beneficial for me.  For example, Ginny Shaneyfelt butt called me last week and when I texted her to let her know, she offered to babysit.  Yesssss!!!  So we had a date night all because of a butt call. 

And two nights ago, when Rene Bass showed up on my caller ID at 10:17 p.m., I just KNEW she wanted me to come over and hold baby Brayden.  But noooo... butt call.

I even get butt calls from important political figures.  Just a few minutes ago, I got a butt call from the Morgan County Superintendent of Education. 

I can't really classify calls from Maggie Garnett (age 3) as butt calls.  She plays with Lanett's phone and somehow always manages to dial my number.  She doesn't hang up though - she talks and talks and talks.  And when I hang up, she calls back.  Haha

So now when I miss a call from someone, I don't know if I REALLY missed a call or if it was a butt call, so I don't always call them back.  (Sorry, Penny Roy - that's why I didn't call you back yesterday)

My mom wanted to name me Jennifer.  I bet people named Jennifer never get butt calls. 

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  1. Too funny Amy because I was supposed to be Susan instead of Angela. I've begged my cousin's husband to put my name in as Zangela so he would quit the butt calls! LOL
    I never call him back if he calls for real! Love your blog :)