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Friday, November 19, 2010

Random babble....

Well, I'm basically just blogging because I haven't done it in so long.  It's my goal to blog at least twice a month.  I haven't been inspired to blog about anything specific, so this one is just random babble. 

As usual, there's craziness around my house.  We're in the process of painting and putting down new flooring in all the kids bedrooms.  Plus, everybody is playing switch-a-roo again.  Haley Rae is graciously giving up her big bedroom (the old master suite) for the babies.  Okay, so maybe she's not THRILLED about it, but she has agreed to do it without too much fussing.  She's never home and she doesn't need all that space.  Yuri and Gigi need more room because of their kitchen, the tent, the 4 billion stuffed animals and baby dolls, etc.  So, Haley is moving to Karlie's room, Karlie is moving to the babies' room, and they babies are moving to Haley's room.  Whew.  I'm worn out just typing it.  Not looking forward to moving all that furniture!

Dear Hunter - I have not forgotten that you are also my child, but since you NEVER come home (and when you do, you stay with Taylor or Josh/Sean or Momar), I didn't find it feasible to keep a room empty for you.  However, when you are here, I will make sure you have a bed to sleep in.  It may have pink sheets on it, but it will be all yours while you're here!

Those of you who know Karlie well will appreciate this... she told me the other day that she really wanted to move back into her old room (currently the baby room).  I said "but why?  it's the smallest room of all".  She said "because it's square.  I don't like my new room because it's uneven.  Bedrooms should be square".  My sweet, OCD child.  She's moving back in to her old room and she's just barely changing the color.  We're going from "Lovely Lilac" to "Grape Popsicle". 

Haley Rae hasn't decided on a color yet.  She has pretty much narrowed it down to either "Xavier Blue" or "New Fushcia".  Like I said, she's not exactly thrilled about this musical room thing.  She agreed to it, in exchange for new paint, new floors, and new bedding.  Then about 30 minutes after agreeing, she sent me a text and said "oh, and I also want curfew extensions".  Haha.  Nice try.  Not happening. 

We had revival this week and it was great.  I just love our music.  The choir is awesome, and the youth band always rocks it out, and I never fail to be moved to tears when Holly Little sings.  She has no idea how talented she is!  

Wednesday night when I went over to the Forte to get Yuri from Children's Church, she was talking and cutting up with Sydni Clayton and Shelby Beck.  When we started home, she started saying "I want to sing the Shelby song".  She said this over and over and over, but I had no idea what she was talking about.  FINALLY, when she started trying to sing it herself, I realized what she meant.  She wanted to sing "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain".  You know.... "shelby comin round the mountain".   haha.  So just MAAAAAYBE I have an bit of an accent when I sing! 

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